14 May 2016



Hey guys. I'm Nurul and today i'm going tell you guys about most hot item ever. Don't miss out and just scroll my story below. ha yes, below.

Have you ever heard about skinny teatox and legsteatox? most of insta-famous and online seller talking about this and promote this even a blogger also promote of this product. hey, i'm the one who consume this tea. absolutely, it was the best teas that i can drink and feel want it more. seriously, i'm so over excited to share with you guys about my experience consuming this teas.

Let me tell you guys what is skinny teatox and legsteatox and pardon my broken english as well. hakhakhak.

Both teas are different. what its different?

Skinny Teatox it help you to get flat tummy. gosh, Every girl dream on it. Don't you? Maybe it will help you digest well and reduce toxin and unneeded thing on your stomach. so, i suggest it to you guys who having flabby tummy, seriously, high recomanded ! ouh ya, it taste like ribena. A bit sour and bitter. Just a bit don't worry. I notice that bitter since sis myna upgrade the booster on her tea. but it still tasty.

Legs teatox it help you to get skinny leg and get your arm getting small. I'm still work on that (Sighh) but I told yahh, it was the best. Even its hard to get skinny leg but I still feel the different. How? I can wore my old jeans. hahahahaha! Even I see my leg still fat but I feel better when I can wear my old jeans back and I still work hard on it. I want feel loose when wore it. I'm so jealous when I have a look testimony on instagram. They achieve it ! They got skinny body and legs. Why I can't? because every I cheat on. Drink a lot of sweet drink, eat junk food. Ya Ampun, bila nak insaf (ignore my crazyness please) ha, it taste like a little bite yucky but I still want drink it after take a cup of it. If that tea can drink twice a day, i'm the happier. This tea have a lemongrass taste. Terrible but like I said, it will make you want drink more. Drink it warm please don't drink when it hot just a medium and don't let it cold.

When you drink it, you will feel the different. You will feel more energize, more berpeluh and not to feel hungry. Yes, I admit. Everyday, I just have two/three spoon of rice a day and lebihkan lauk but must balance la. grab more protein. If you consume this, you must have some exercise and you will loss fast. like me, I just do jumping jack 100 time and I will do it 2/3 times a week. But lately, I don't have much time because of work. Yup, 8.oo a.m untill 11 p.m I work and eat junk food much. hahahahaha. but its okay i will cover it later.

So far, I drink for two pack skinny teatox and two packs legstea. I loss 3 kg so far. Sikit? sebab aku main main masa minum hahahahaha !

You just search on bigboss ig by_myna, or her agents twinklebymyna, kyraqasrina, Izzatinuramin or just #bymyna you will find tesmony and agent's ig. so goodluck ! soon la I will share my photo kahkah


Dayahfirds Ibrahim said...

Rase dia macam serai kan . Hahaha. Azab nak telan. :(

Nurul Mustafa said...

@Dayahfirds Ibrahim tutup hidung minum teh tuu but give much effort :)