25 Nov 2015

Question & Answer *LIEBSTER AWARD*

yesterday, i got the question from Qistina Zahari. on previous liebster award, i tagged afif and sis zie. yes, afif tag me back. sis zie tag me on my second blog. so can i post my answer here sis zie? hehehe. can eh.

first, let me answered sis zie's question.

1Bagi biodata pendek tentang diri kamu.
everyone call me nurul, i'm 20 years old. black and white are my favourite colours. I have dimple on my right cheek. I'm Office Student, and hi. ahahaa!

2. Apa pengalaman bercinta paling tak dapat dilupakan (manis/pahit)

ermmmmm, all my ex turn to my friends. hahaha! but i don't care actually. it's was a sweet moment!

3. Tinggi dan berat anda 

*cryyy* my height; 155-156 cm. my weight; I gemuk. hahahha!!

4. Tujuan buat blog untuk

First, I just do it for fun. Type everything what happened in my life like this blog is my diary but then , right now, I think its help me to write the thing that I can't say or I don't have a gut to say it out loud so, yea, I write it here.

5. Bila blogwalking di blog saya,  pendapat anda terhadap saya ?

what can I write here, you're so pretty sis. serious tak tipu :)

6. Kalau boleh undur masa, apa yang akan awak ubah ?
I want changed all my result. include diploma!!

now, afif's question!

What you so proud about yourself
They said, I have beautiful eyes and they lie. hahaha! I don't have nothing to proud.
What the things that scare you the most
loosing my family. it's the most scary things after froggy. I can't imagine if I loose one of them. Family is everything to me!!
What memory you want to forget so bad but you can't
When people fooled me around, leave me alone without lend hand when I need me.. small matters but it kill my heart much. 
What is your favourite tv show
Spongebob and Doraemon. sorry, i'm not really matured adult -__-
What you think about my art 
 adore with your art. how i wish i can be a creative like you. yes! your arts is so awesome!


Zizie Zainal said...

Haha baru perasan ni . Thanks nurul sudi jawab :)

Mawar Assufi - akinassufi said...

Menariknyee tuu :)