24 Nov 2015



hampir-hampir je lupa nak beri salam pembuka mukaddimah. 

first of all, bigggg thanks to our beautiful blogger Qistina Zahari because she tagged me on LIBSTER AWARD. Terbuka kepada newbie atau blogger yang mempunyai followers kurang dari 400. kira yang dah 400 ke atas tu, sorry. tak boleh masuk kahkahkah!

The rules;

1. Kena ucapkan terima kasih kepada orang yang telah mencalonkan. Korang kena letak link entry korang di blog mereka.

2. Korang wajib tampal atau tepek kasi ketat gambar "Libster Awards" di blog korang.

3. Jawab 6 pertanyaan yang ditujukan untuk korang.

4. Berikan 6 fakta tentang diri korang.

5. Calonkan 5-6 blog yang mempunyai kurang daripada 400 follower yang korang fikir layak dapat Libster Award.

6. Reka 6 soalan baru untuk dijawab oleh calon terpilih.

7. Sila maklumkan kepada calon bahawa mereka telah terpilih untuk menerima Liebster Award.
I got this Question.

1. do you love sports? If yes, what type of sports and why? If no, why?
 I not really involved in any sports game. but I do have my own sports that I really loved to try on. Besides badminton, I really love in basketball and yes i really want to try it but i do not have much confident in myself. hahaha! soon, I will try on if my leg is strong enough to jump off. I have a problem with my left leg.
2. how to move on?
 hahaha, macam tepat kena batang hidung tau erk baru lepas frust. wahahaha! okay. of course everyone have bad experience in love either rejected or break off. so I already faced two of it. I crush on someone, he know but he ignore me until we lost contact kahkahkah. so how to move on? stop stalk his social site like twitter, instagram etc. most important, "plant" on your heart and do set on your mind that you hate him/her much. do something that not related to them. hang out with friend and spend more time with family. huhu, rasa panjang sangat!
3. what do you think about me?
From what read from your blog (your colour blog theme hahaha idk how it include), you're the person who really simple, you hate messy thing. yeaahh, i do looked the arrangement of your blog. hey, you also beautiful and intelligent. sporting!
4. pernah pergi luar negara? 
 Nope. I never goes travel to oversea. This time, I only focus on local place like Terengganu (my home town), Malacca, Penang and other place that related with historical. yeaahh, someday.. i would like travel to Istabul, Turkey, Italy, Makkah and Jordan also Japan. hihi.
5. tell me about you.
 Okay, I really simple. what I wore to that show I liked it much. A little bit fussy-girl because I do hate messed thing. I really loved cats (I have a bad illergic with cats fur until my eyes got red, my face will itch.) and others cute animal like Panda, Tiger Cubs and Elephant also Giraffe. heyyy, don't laught to me la.. hahah. I really sensitive with thing related with my family. I will cry a lot when something happen even I got a bad dream about them. I'm hot-tempered person, easily got mad to people who really urgghh cari pasal dengan aku jaga! haha. I'm not really talk-active person and don't really know how to make a joke -___-  I'm spontaneous whenever people do ask me when I do something. either on my presentation. I don't know where I got the solution to answered the question. Aku menjawab dengan ustaz CTU sem lepas -___- one more thing, I hate noisy sound! I reaaaaallllllyyy hate it and I hate to waste my time at shopping mall. (banyak lagi nak gtau tapi tak apalah. kan tak habis satu entry buat continue entry hahahahhahahaha!)

6. if you ada masalah kewangan, what should you do?
If I do have financial problem, what i'm going to do is..... sold all my things such my galaxy tab. yeahh, last semester I really had a problem, no money! I just use shortcut without think properly, so I sold my galaxy tab even it much precious to me. yeaah, aku sayang sangat sebab guna duit sendiri dan aku memang nak sangat ada tab. hmm, but it's okay. soon, i will buy it. slow-slow! ouh, I rarely asked my mum or dad when I don't have money. 

I nak Tag:

My Question

Tell me about yourself (paling kurang 6)
Binatang Peliharaan yang paling teringin nak bela.
apa pendapatan tentang saya?
Tempat yang paling nak pergi. list on.
Tempat Favorite yang wajib pergi tiap kali hujung minggu.
Macam mana korang tangani rasa low confident dalam diri.


Zizie Zainal said...

Thanks sgt sgt nurul ! Done ! hehe


Sarah Amran said...

Eh salah post comment . Aaaaa maluuu ~

Sini haaa . Terima kasih tag sis :)


Qistina Zahari said...

yeayyyy ! :) thank you sebab jawab my questionss ;) pasal move on tu, yeah i agree dengan apa yang you cakap yet semua benda tu perlu masa jugak kan huhu. apa-apapun. goodluck in your studies ;) chin up and stay stronggg ! :)

ombak bergigi said...

Awak, maaf lambat post.


btw thanks